Greenhouse upgrade

Large scale phenotypic installation often need to be adapted and tailored, from beginning to the end , Phenomix is an all-included made-to order plant-to-sensor solution, the imaging station being the heart of the system.

Phenomix solutions are designed as a modular system. They are composed of several modules you can chooses to integrate in your customized system. The available modules includes all the different functions a high-throughput phenotyping system would need.

This is a unique opportunity for you to get the most adapted solution for your needs!

Phenomix can be deployed in one or more greenhouse plants that can be interconnected.
You can have dedicated greenhouses for different climates or growing conditions (humidity, temperature, light…) and share a common line specialized with measurement tools and phenotyping components for instance.
Since every customer is unique and has specificities, our multidisciplinary teams can help you design your greenhouse layout, or suggest the most fitting architecture for your project.

Phenomix is based on at least one transfer to move the plants and a combination of different specialized stations to measure growing parameters or dedicated phenotypes.
Plants are positioned on small pallets placed in the transfer. These pallets are identified with their electronic tags automatically recognized by the system. This ensures that every single individual plant in your experiment is tracked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The state-of-the-art of industrial programmable controller and an ergonomic software to schedule the different tasks, monitor your studies and automate high-throughput phenotyping controls all these components.

System enhancement
We designed a new solution for plant growing analysis to solve the issues observed on existing systems:
    • Architecture robustness
    • Modularity
    • Fault tolerance
    • Cutting Station
    • Proprietary systems
    • Lack of ergonomics

Our solution addresses all these topics:
Use of industrial technologies gives the end-user the insurance that our system relies on proven and well-known standards. This is a key-point for sustainability and evolution of our solution to meet your future needs.

Our solution is based on a multi-tier and then modular architecture. This development pattern is used to select the best technology for each component of the system. Each component of the system is limited to a given set of tasks that could be developed, tested and improved over the time more efficiently that with a single monolithic component. It is also easier to open the system and give entry-points to customers with this kind of solution.

Fault tolerance is also a main topic of interest for customers: what happens when an issue occurs during the night or the weekend? Of course, a 100% fault-tolerant system is impossible to design. However, by using state-of-the-art hardware and development skills, you can at least provide workarounds to most of the troubles that may happen during your experiment. Redundancy of some key components and programmable logic architecture helps keeping the system up-and-running.

Ergonomic of the system is achieved thanks to a centralized control interface where you can follow the status of your experiment in real-time, planning the system tasks and get reporting of what happened. You can organize windows and display of the data according to your needs. We will make your job easier by defining profiles you can re-use when necessary.