High Throughput Phenotyping

Phenomix Automated Greenhouse

In the field of high-throughput plant phenotyping and plant toxicology, many different factors should be taken into account in the product design to provide the most efficient solution. Phenomix combines together the best of software and hardware expertise to build state-of-the-art automated phenotyping systems with consistent data, extended plant analysis and scalable solution.

Phenomix solutions have been designed in order to bring industrial demanding standards to the research field thus increasing the level of efficiency and reliability of the system.

Phenomix solutions are offered as modular systems. You will have the possibility to choose from a list of stations each of which are dedicated to a specific function; weighing, watering, imaging…. Then depending on the stations, it will be possible to run different working processes to generate the protocol of the experiment and get data further analyzed according to the results needed to score specific traits.

Maximize your research potential by controlling growth cycles and and deciding traits to analyse automatically.

Perform high-throughput plant phenotyping in reproductible conditions.
Phenomix can help you design and build your future greenhouse for high throughput plant phenotyping.

Scalable project

You can decide from the get go which stations you would like to integrate in your greenhouse startup or add components later on.

Transfer (Conveyor lane)

The conveyor lane is the basic element of the transfer system. It stores the plants at a given place in the greenhouses and move the desired groups to the appropriate stations according to operator’s planning. It is adapted to the size and weight of the plants to guarantee robustness and long term reliability. The conveyor system uses pallets on top of which the user place the pot containing the plant. The pallets are identified with their RFID tag to track them along the transfer, stations and the complete experiment life-cycle. The different available stations are described here after. Depending on the physical layout of your greenhouses, they can be installed in different locations and also placed on a main line to be shared between greenhouses.