Integrated imaging stations

As a specialist of image analysis, Phenomix offers a dedicated software module to cover all the measurements done, based on image taken on the plant from a variety of cameras (RGB, NIR, SWIR Fluorescent)

We will take care of all the aspects of conveying from the greenhouse layout, mechanical design of the system to be installed in the greenhouse and the transfer automation (PLC).

Using industry-proven best practices and a pragmatic approach, Phenomix provides innovative solutions and is able to build customizations to address the researchers specific requirements.

Several imaging stations are available depending on the type of application / measures to perform:
– RGB chamber to take picture in the visible spectrum
– NIR chamber to take pictures in near-infrared spectrum
– FLUO chamber to take picture in the near UV spectrum
– THERMAL chamber to take picture in active IR technology to analyze temperature of the plants 

Phenomix intergated imaging stations provide extensive analysis of plant traits: