Observation and sampling station

The operator performs the operations and/or observations and manually release the plants when completed. The station is equipped with keyboard or input-device to enter notes that will be attached to the plants under observation. Moreover, when operations require the plant to be removed from the pallet for a longer period than the stop at the station, the operator changes the pallet status to inform the system that the pallet is now empty.
This status allows the system to manage the pallet in a clever way.

A typical cutting station is composed of:
-A stopper in the transfer to hold pallets that need cutting
-AN RFID reader to identify the plant
-A light indicator (red/green) to identify plants needing operations
-A push-button to release the plant when the operation is completed
-A keyboard or touch-screen to input observations and/or update status. These informations are stored and synchronized in the system.


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