Phenomix Supervisor

All features regarding management of the automated greenhouse are managed through a Windows based software named PhenoWare Supervisor.

PhenoWare Supervisor will assist you in defining all the operations necessary to complete a study from planning and managing the use of the different stations (tasks), defining the plants to move these stations (groups,lanes,whole greenhouse), managing events and raising alarms, filling and flushing the greenhouse.

A scutting-edge Phenomix software will help to plan all the features of the experiment. The main set-up steps are: – Define the list of plants to be used in a particular experiment, – Define the experiment goals which means the type of measures to get, – Schedule when and how long the measures have to be done, – Define inputs to the plants (water, nutrient, light conditions…), – Define severity levels for each components and associated thresholds, The system will then manage the different tasks to run the experiment including: – Manage users of the system and their roles, – Entering the plants on the transfer line – Managing all the transfers of pots in the different stations, – Entering measured data to the working database, – Reporting data during the experiment for the user’s evaluation, – Allow user to modify protocols depending on the results, – Transfer data to the main database, – Handling of database access to extract data for further processing,