Sensor integration

Sensors play an important role automated plant phenotyping systems; be it in automated greenhouse, stand-alone bench top apparatus and outdoor field applications.

The proliferation of sensors has increased since the advent of automated greenhouses when hygrometers were first used to determine humidity. There are now a variety of sensors including 3D Laser scanners, gravimetric systems that are being used in greenhouse, semi-field or field conditions.

With more than 25 years of experience in the embedded domain, Phenomix integration team has extensive experience in sensor integration for a wide variety of devices for automated plant phenotyping applications. Phenomix has the expertise in sensor selection and integration for device based on criteria like configuration, performance, power consumption and price.

Phenomix’s Expertise on Various Sensor include:
Phenomix’s sensor integration expertise in automated plant phenotyping product development include:
– Hardware
      – Sensor Selection and Analysis
      – Sensor interface design with Product development
      – Sensor bring up and testing with end product
– Software
      – Sensor driver development for sensor configuration
      – Protocol development for sensor Interface
      – Sensor integration with Drivers
      – Use case validation and testing
– Final Product verification
      – Use case and Environmental verification with final Product